How to Choose the Best Poker Strategy


When it comes to the game of poker, you can use different strategies. These include All-in, Big blind, Check and Checking to bet. You should know how to choose the best strategy based on the current situation. Keeping in mind that a check is not always the best option, so it’s best to consider your options before deciding how to act.


The all-in poker move is a powerful way to intimidate your opponent into folding their cards. This move is effective when you are short-stacked and have a low stack, as it can send the pressure from the game back to your opponent. However, you should use this move wisely. You should consider your total chip count to determine if it’s worth it to go all-in. It’s important to remember that blinds can eat up your stack quickly.

Big blind

In poker, big blinds are posted by players to the left of the dealer’s button. The blinds are typically two, but can range from none to three.


If you are new to poker, it might be helpful to check your skills with a software application. These applications are available for download from online poker websites. They can help you track your past hands, scan active tables, and identify any mistakes you may be making. Using these tools can help you improve your game and win more money.

Checking to bet

Checking to bet when playing poker is a common poker strategy. When you have a strong hand and want to pass the action on to the next player, you can check. Otherwise, you can fold or raise. Checking is not always a good idea, however, because it can waste a round of betting.

Limits of bets

Limits of bets are the rules that govern how much a player can bet or raise. These limits vary from game to game and often depend on the stakes, but generally speaking, there is only one limit for each player. Knowing the limits is an important part of playing poker and will help you decide when to raise and fold.

Dropping out of the original pot

There are several reasons why a player might drop out of the original pot. Some games require a player to pay an extra ante for a third card. In these situations, a player can either stay in and risk matching the pot, or drop out and keep their tokens.


Kitty Kuo is a Taiwanese poker player and one of Asia’s top female poker players. She has been a Natural8 Ambassador since 2016. Kitty is a winner of the 2010 WSOP Circuit ring and the Asia Poker Tour Main Event. She has entertained legions of fans in tournaments around the world.